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As a representative of the people of the State of Wisconsin, the primary role of the DA's Office is to prosecute all adult criminal and juvenile delinquent acts that occur within the 27 cities and villages of Dane County and its 34 townships. I am proud of the dedicated attorneys, victim-witness advocates, investigators, paralegals, and clerical staff who handle approximately 13,000 cases a year. These cases range from civil traffic offenses to homicides.

Our goal is prompt and fair justice while providing critical services to crime victims and their families.

The staff of the DA's Office believes that peace and justice are not possible in any community without progressive and fair law enforcement, which includes prevention and diversion programs. We consistently apply equal justice under the law to protect the community and work to ensure that victims of crime are treated with compassion and respect. I have very much appreciated the opportunity to serve the public in this position since August 2010. I welcome feedback from the public about how we might fulfill our mission more effectively.

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Dane County Deferred Prosecution Child Abuse Initiative

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Child Abuse Initiative

In collaboration with the Dane County Criminal Justice Council Racial Disparities Subcommittee, the District Attorney's Office started the Dane County Deferred Prosecution Child Abuse Initiative in 2014 in an effort to reduce the use of corporal punishment and address racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

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No Hit Zone

As part of the Child Abuse Initiative, the District Attorney's Office joined children's hospitals across the country and established a No Hit Zone to create and reinforce an environment of safety and comfort for all people who come into the District Attorney’s Office and its public spaces.




Every day the Dane County District Attorney’s Office works tirelessly fighting for women whose bodies and privacy have been violated. As your District Attorney, I have no intention of ever stopping that important work. There are plenty of archaic laws on the books that represent the values of days past. I have every intention of utilizing the power Dane County voters entrusted in me and will use my discretion to prosecute only those crimes that keep our community safe and represent our collective values. If the voters want a district attorney who prosecutes women for seeking an abortion or licensed providers who are acting in the best interest of their patients, they will need to elect someone else.

– Ismael Ozanne, Dane County District Attorney


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