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Crime Response Program

Office: (608) 284-6908 | Pager: (608) 376-0164

To report a crime in progress or one that has already occurred, call police at 911. The District Attorney's Office is not a “first responder” agency. The Crime Response Program provides services to victims of crime, their families, witnesses, on-scene, or in the early stages of the investigation. Criminal charges are not required for initial contact or service provision, but the incident should be of a potentially criminal nature.

Crime Response Program services include:

  • Crisis response, crisis intervention (phone contact or on-scene response), crime scene defusing, and debriefing.
  • Assessing and responding to the immediate and long-term safety needs of the victim through home safety checks, extra patrol, emergency cell phones, and phone alarms.
  • Providing emotional support, trauma incident reduction, explanation of trauma symptoms, and coping techniques. Providing information, referrals, and coordination of services with Victim Witness staff.
  • Providing training regarding the unique needs of victims in the aftermath of crime.
  • Serving as a liaison between law enforcement and agencies the victim is involved with (criminal justice system, employers, medical facilities, coroner, the courts, etc.).
  • General and legal advocacy.

Crime Response Brochures

English Brochure (PDF)
Spanish Brochure (PDF)

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